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Join us for the 5th Annual Run to the Center of the World!

5K/10K Timed Race & Fun Walk

New in 2016, a 10K Run option!

For the first time, this year Run to the Center of the World 5K Run/Walk & 10K Run will be directed by SWMI Racers.

SWMI Racers logo

Both the 5K and 10K routes start and finish at the New Troy Community Center.

This event is now sanctioned by USATF (U.S. Track & Field).

FEES:   15 and Over: $20 by Midnight September 3

$25 September 4 through Noon September 14

$30 Race Day

14 and under: $15 through Race Day

Registration is now available online!

Online Registration



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Chili and Movie

A movie about New Troy? Yes! New Troy: The Center of the World, directed by Australian film-maker, Justin Olmstead, will premiere at the Community Center on Thursday, November 20.

If you used to hang out at the Trojan Grill, chances are you know Justin’s mother, Pam (Siebler) Olmstead, whose parents owned the Grill (mom will be here for the movie). Another documentary by Justin, A Dying Art: Maple Syrup Making in Galien, received Best Director and Best Script in the 2012 Canberra International Short Film Festival, so the man knows what he’s up to.

The film features numerous interviews: the late Postmistress Norma Diehl, Al Boyd, Brandy Glick, Terry Hanover, Mike Metz, Pam Olmstead, and Ron Schaffer, plus a whole slew of photos of the town in its heydey. It looks at the town’s vibrant past and subsequent decline, but ends on a note of hope for a town that is returning to life.

The evening will start with a Chili Cook-off, so if you’re proud of your chili register now and cook up a pot to share. The winner will take home a free DVD of New Troy: The Center of the World.

These DVDs will make great Christmas presents, and at just $15 each, they’re even affordable. We’ll have other New Troy paraphernalia on hand too, so you might just be able to do all your Christmas shopping right here.

The Chili Cook-off starts at 6:00, the movie at 7:00. A discussion will follow, including Justin Olmstead, who’s coming all the way from Australia to participate, led by co-hosts Friends of New Troy and the Weesaw Historical Society.

Tickets are $5 each and include both chili sampling and the movie. Beverages and desserts will be available for purchase.

Seating is limited, so we strongly recommend purchasing in advance. Pick up tickets at the Community Center Book Room whenever it’s open (Mon-Sat 10-noon and Mon-Fri 5:30-7 pm) or Center of the World Woodshop in Harbert, or reserve/pay by credit card: 269-469-5687.

Register for the Chili Cook-off or questions: or 269-469-5687.

The event is hosted by Friends of New Troy (the non-profit group that operates the New Troy Community Center) and the Weesaw Township Historical Society.


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5 K Fun Run and Walk results

Scott, Ann 43 min 42 sec
Johnson, Hannah 51 min 56 sec
Schiller, Lillyanna 66 min 15 sec
McCarty, Bailey 30 min 35 sec
Knoll, Rachel 40 min 23 sec
Hanover, Shalako 31 min 40 sec
Cross, Mitch 29 min 10 sec
Lunsford, Fal 32 min 38 sec
Welch, Callie 27 min 44 sec
Hanover, Janica 27 min 46 sec
Welch, Jeremy 23 min 57 sec
Weaver, Zaq 29 min 12 sec
Altamimi, Yasser 34 min 14 sec
Brunke, Mandy 43 min 44 sec
Gonzalez, Sherina 42 min 15 sec
Renko, Rachael 36 min 45 sec
Hanover, Cameron 27 min 43 sec
Schuler, Mantissa 36 min 45 sec
Schiller, Kelby 66 min 15 sec
Achilles, Kurt 26 min 26 sec
Brunke, Dan 28 min 23 sec
Badgley, Ann 30 min 55 sec
Clark, Rachel 35 min 16 sec
Boone, Christy 36 min 32 sec
Scott, Steve 43 min 42 sec
Scott, Chris 43 min 42 sec
Steffey, Kelley 43 min 51 sec
Steffey, Chip 30 min 8 sec
Peery, Heather 36 min 32 sec
Johnson, Ann 51 min 59 sec
Kochanny, Eileen 56 min 37 sec
Clark, Brad 26 min 3 sec
Pedzinski, Judy 51 min 13 sec
Kochanny, Rich 56 min 36 sec
Garwood, Becky 58 min 38 sec
Engelhardt, Dorothy 58 min 34 sec
Scharnowski, Do 29 min 32 sec
Scharnowski, Rena 41 min 50 sec
Rochefort, Ken 26 min 59 sec
Oman, Scott 34 min 46 sec
Dudeck, Dave 36 min 31 sec
Lunsford, Phil 29 min 45 sec
Newmiller, Marlene 29 min 55 sec
Barchett, Jeff 23 min 42 sec
Vickers, Jim 30 min 13 sec
Craft, Kristine 40 min 23 sec
Smith, Marsha 52 min 37 sec
Oman, Kent 48 min 8 sec
Zebell, Dennis 26 min 26 sec
Riley, Janna 47 min 38 sec
Pasula, Angela 36 min 27 sec
Oman, Cindy 65 min 44 sec
Cayo, Jeff 24 min 17 sec
Prusa, Dave 24 min 42 sec
Hanover, Lorraine 34 min 30 sec
Rochefort, Linda 43 min 32 sec
Campanello, Greg 25 min 54 sec
Campanello, Michelle 44 min 30 sec
Freehling, Rita 54 min 43 sec
Tarpley, Karen 56 min 37 sec
Weikel, Susan 52 min 20 sec
Magdzinski, Stephen 37 min 0 sec
Slavens, Connie 54 min 43 sec
Olmstead, Pam 43 min 25 sec
Dunham, Buffy 58 min 38 sec
Geik, Ron 66 min 16 sec
Rosenthal, Ollie 48 min 46 sec
Tarpley, Tom 56 min 36 sec
Hanover, Terry 34 min 24 sec
Meyers, Marie 51 min 13 sec
Steffey, Janada 44 min 55 sec
Schmidt, Nerma 48 min 46 sec
Kleinmanns, Suzanne 55 min 0 sec
Haman, Lynn 65 min 16 sec
Willis, Worick 35 min 10 sec
Haman, Jon 65 min 16 sec

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news letter for oct 2013

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trick or treating in New Troy by Deborah Rieth


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Recycle event

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A Dying Art

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Flea Market is back


Hope to see you this year at the New Troy Community Center located at 13372 California Road in New Troy, MI. Flea markets will be held on the last two Saturdays of each month beginning October and will continue through March 2016.

To rent your table for $13 each, please call Chairman Janna Riley at 1-773-275-1514. Vendors may set up Friday 6 – 7 p.m. and on Saturday at 8 am. The doors are open to the public from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Sponsored by the Friends of New Troy, we look forward to seeing you again!!

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Dinner and a movie

Dinner and A Movie
What: Premiere of A Dying Art, produced by Australian film-maker, Justin Olmstead. This locally filmed documentary provides insight into the age-old process of making maple syrup through candid interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. A Dying Art lets viewers into a world that is fast disappearing — the sugar shack. To round out the evening, Friends of New Troy will offer a pancake supper served with the syrup to come out of the Galien sugar shack this spring. Advance tickets are $6 each or two for $10; children under 12 are $3. Set against the declining socio-ecomic climate of Galien, Michigan, where the population is dwindling and the townspeople must bond over common interests to strengthen their own sense of community, the film captures the camaraderie shared by men enjoying life’s simple pleasures within these complicated times. Tickets are available from the New Troy Community Center’s Book Room, open Monday through Saturday, 10 am to noon, and Monday through Friday, 5:30-7:30 pm; from Center of the World Woodshop Showroom, 13400 Red Arrow, Harbert; or by calling Terry Hanover at 269-426-4281.
When: Mar 22 2012 – 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: New Troy Community Center, 13372 California Road, New Troy, MI, 49119
Phone: 269-426-3909

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