Friends of New Troy Shirts

These handsome, dark green t-shirts, modeled below by Friends of New Troy Member Dixie Schrader, cost $15 and are available in adult sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. They are a heavywesight 50/50 cotton/polyester ultrablend.


Historic New Troy Postcards

Friends of New Troy has created a set of historic notecards  that feature the photographs shown below. Each pack of six cards contains two of each of three images (see below), along with six envelopes. Text on the back of each identifies the subject of the photos, along with dates. Cost is $7 per pack of six.

So next time you write a letter to somebody, do it on a notecard that depicts your old high school. Consider giving the cards as gifts, too. People who have attended school or lived in New Troy would be thrilled to receive them.



Merchandise can be purchased at Center of the World Woodshop Showroom in Harbert, or you can order them by mailing a check or money order to Friends of New Troy, PO Box 125, New Troy MI, 49119. For each package ordered by mail, please include $1 to cover shipping costs.